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 Welcome to the website of Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel

Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel specialises in round fish, particularly cod, and supplies exclusively to wholesalers. Our fish is bought fresh on a daily basis, mostly from Norway, Denmark and Iceland, which are still chosen for their top quality. Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel processes the fish into different products and delivers them to customers on the same day. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

When it comes to the speedy delivery of high-quality fish products, Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel has built up an excellent reputation over the past twenty years. Established in Urk, at the heart of the European fishing industry, the lines are short, which ensures Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel can guarantee excellent value for money!

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Speedy delivery of high-quality fish products
Fresh fish is processed into various products

 About us

Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel has been operating in the seafood industry for over twenty years. In those years it has grown into a renowned processing company specialising in the processing of round fish, particularly cod.

Customers can always count on the best quality currently available on the market. Our employees have years of experience with processing and filleting round fish. They guarantee that your product will be processed in the best way possible.

By delivering the highest quality, our products find their way to the tables of several top restaurants throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. These restaurants serve tasty dishes that are prepared from fresh fish caught in the wild.

Many top restaurants serve Van Slooten fish
Years of experience processing round fish

 Our premium product

The Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel range consists mainly of round fish that has been caught in the North Sea and other northern waters. These fish types are known to posses the most flavour. The fish is purchased directly in the countries where they are landed. These are mostly the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands. Our range includes cod, haddock and whiting. Additionally, we supply numerous seasonal round fish species. Please feel free to contact us about the current offer.

To ensure the fish quality, we strive to achieve an uninterrupted cold chain. After processing, the fish is packaged and transported following the strictest hygiene standards.

Versatile and exceptional quality
Exceptionally white and tender fish meat

 Norwegian Skrei

Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel is proud to have been chosen as one of the exclusive suppliers of Norwegian Skrei. This quality Norwegian product provides guaranteed unique cod, with a particular solid, white and tender meat.

Skrei is the Norwegian name for winter cod that is about to spawn. Every year, the fish travel in their hundreds of thousands from the Arctic Circle to the warmer waters around the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago off the coast of northern Norway.

Skrei is a delicacy that is eagerly anticipated by fish lovers every year. More and more customers from Van Slooten Zeevisgroothandel are discovering the versatility and exceptional quality of the Norwegian Skrei.

Wild-caught fish with a delicious taste
Proud supplier of Norwegian Skrei

 The benefits

  • Years of experience in buying and processing fish
  • Personal contact
  • Daily delivery
  • Excellent quality fish
  • Speedy order processing
  • Excellent value for money
  • Processed following the strictest hygiene standards
Packaged and transported following the strictest hygiene standards
We strive for an unbroken cold chain


At Van Slooten, we only deliver top-quality products. To ensure quality and hygiene the HACCP system is regularly maintained. This requires a HACCP plan, which is drawn up by the Quality Manager. This plan is carefully observed and also monitored on a daily basis. The company has achieved MSC and ASC certification. The MSC label (Marine Stewardship Council) guarantees sustainably caught fish. ASC is responsible for farmed fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Furthermore, the fish is filleted in purified water. The water passes through a special filter to make it lime-free. Filleting the fish in filtered water preserves the fish's natural flavour.

If you would like more information about our certification, please contact us.

SGS Product Certification SGS Process Certification Purified water
MSC Certification